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SWS Lawyers has a dedicated team of lawyers with extensive experience in the identification, registration, and management of intellectual property rights. Our lawyers have acted for a wide variety of clients, ranging from large ASX companies to private clients and across industry sectors including FMCG, telecommunications, manufacturing, tourism and marketing. We understand that the process of identifying and registering IP often overlaps with other critical issues within a business, such as rapid growth, or perhaps even the need to protect or defend key IP assets against infringement or misappropriation by others.

We can assist clients to identify the IP, or types of IP, existing and being used in their businesses. Leveraging our extensive experience, we assist our clients to navigate the range of protections available for different types of IP and help our clients construct an effective framework of protections, considering the commerciality and appropriateness of available options including IP registration and enforceable contractual arrangements, such as employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements. We take the time to explain to our clients the functionality and practicalities of IP protections as well as the duration of those protections, ensuring that our clients avoid any negative consequences of a failure to obtain and maintain appropriate protections.

While other firms may provide some assistance with the registration of IP rights, at SWS, our clients appreciate the value of our assistance with the maintenance of their IP rights. It is important that our clients are familiar with the IP environment in which they operate, and we work alongside our clients to monitor the behaviour of others in the marketplace, especially competitors. This ongoing maintenance can save valuable time should our clients need to take decisive action to stop competitors that are “passing off” or infringing protected IP.

Our intellectual property registration and advisory service is supported by a team of lawyers who work on discrete, but interrelated, aspects of the registration and intellectual property strategy implementation processes, and in circumstances where highly specialist input is required, our team can call upon a select group of specialist IP barristers and trade mark and patent attorneys to source that advice.

Their approach is always professional and delivered at a standard comparable to a capital city law firm. It is the clear strategic direction that has always impressed me about the SWS team.

-Director, Top 10 Australian Accounting Firm

We believe their ability to combine first rate legal expertise, commercial judgement and strong negotiating skills is rare amongst lawyers and provides us with a real competitive advantage in corporate transactions. We use SWS because of their ability, not their post code.

-Robert Radcliffe-Smith, Advent

The combination of rare legal expertise, commercial judgement and strong negotiating skills is rare amongst lawyers and provides us with a real competitive advantage in corporate transactions.

-Paul Valaire, Addcar

SWS has assisted with advice on securing and exercising complex property and commercial contractual rights and assisting with protracted contractual management and implementation. We value legal experts who can offer pragmatic and commercial legal solutions for our complicated matters. SWS Lawyers has consistently met these criteria.

-Leading AU/NZ Logistics Company

The team at SWS Lawyers have already showcased their professionalism, commitment, positive can-do attitude and insight into our needs and have a clear understanding of the disability sector.

-Garry West-Bail, Deaf Sports Australia

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