Phillip Hewitt

Phillip's Expertise
Qualifications & Associations
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Diploma of Law

Phillip has practised law for over thirty years and has expertise in a broad range of litigationfamily wealth and business succession matters.

Phillip’s litigation experience includes obtaining Mareva Orders involving trusts, Anton Pillar Orders in commercial matters, numerous professional partnership disputes, use of pre-Corporations Act legislation to effect the winding up of a company incorporated in 1863 and appearing in Supreme and Federal Courts in all mainland states and the Northern Territory.

In wealth management, Phillip’s extensive experience in drafting and business structuring gives him a unique insight into effective estate planning strategies for family groups and businesses. Phillip regularly advises clients on the use and management of trusts in an estate planning context and works closely with our corporate team to ensure our clients are planning for business succession in an effective way.  He also draws on his litigation expertise to guide clients on what can go wrong when asset protection and inter-generational wealth management is ignored.