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Our Corporate Advisory team provides directors, business owners, CEOs and senior management teams with practical independent assistance and advice on legal and commercial issues. We work with clients to improve strategic planning and shareholder value. Our corporate lawyers have a proven track record for delivering major capital works projects, corporate and business restructuring outcomes and M&A and capital raising transactions.

Unique. Genuinely

SWS Corporate Advisory division is a project driven team of highly trained and skilled lawyers with in-house corporate and management experience in listed public and private corporations, acting in executive roles. We undertake specific assignments designed to assist the needs of our clients.

Our corporate advisory division is unique and genuinely independent. Our advisors have long standing experience acting as directors, executives and lawyers. We know our markets. We invest in understanding our clients and their businesses. We aim to help business owners achieve their goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We recognise that every transaction is different. We work closely with our clients and their chosen team for each project.   Our advisors communicate openly and regularly and have sound financial management skills which are integrated with all of the legal and corporate advisory services we provide.   We frame all of our advice in a legal context to ensure Boards and Executives are able to integrate the legal risks and perspectives into the accounting and taxation advisory services, typically provided by a client’s in-house or incumbent accounting service providers, to achieve the desired outcome.

SWS is one of the only corporate advisory teams in the Hunter Valley that is truly independent of any audit, accounting, taxation, debt, underwriting, broking or trading conflict. We do not seek indemnities from our clients designed to exclude liability for our advice and we don’t ‘upsell’ services from within our organisation. Our objectivity and genuine independence allow us to introduce and connect other specialist brokers, funding options, taxation and accounting services for each opportunity at an appropriate time.

SWS has strong relationships with both clients and advisors located domestically and overseas. We have been particularly successful in developing long-standing relationships with major offshore advisory businesses and legal firms in Europe and the US. These trusted relationships are with specific legal, advisory and corporate finance houses and like-minded professional organisations that are characterised by few Australia-based relationships and connections.  They rely on SWS to provide governance, advice and local agent and board roles for their clients and contacts.

Their approach is always professional and delivered at a standard comparable to a capital city law firm. It is the clear strategic direction that has always impressed me about the SWS team.

-Director, Top 10 Australian Accounting Firm

We believe their ability to combine first rate legal expertise, commercial judgement and strong negotiating skills is rare amongst lawyers and provides us with a real competitive advantage in corporate transactions. We use SWS because of their ability, not their post code.

-Robert Radcliffe-Smith, Advent

The combination of rare legal expertise, commercial judgement and strong negotiating skills is rare amongst lawyers and provides us with a real competitive advantage in corporate transactions.

-Paul Valaire, Addcar

SWS has assisted with advice on securing and exercising complex property and commercial contractual rights and assisting with protracted contractual management and implementation. We value legal experts who can offer pragmatic and commercial legal solutions for our complicated matters. SWS Lawyers has consistently met these criteria.

-Leading AU/NZ Logistics Company

The team at SWS Lawyers have already showcased their professionalism, commitment, positive can-do attitude and insight into our needs and have a clear understanding of the disability sector.

-Garry West-Bail, Deaf Sports Australia

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